Employers who do business in the state of Ohio must offer Workers’ Compensation coverage for all employees working in Ohio or on the employer’s Ohio payroll. Under the Health Partnership Program (HPP) there are certain obligations an employer must meet. Generally, these are:

Select a Managed Care Organization (MCO) or BWC will choose one for you

Ohio employers covered by BWC must select an MCO to medically manage work-related injuries.

Handout MCO identification cards to employees

The MCO that the employer has chosen will supply identification cards that the employer must hand out to all covered employees. This will list the MCO address, phone number, where to file First Reports of Injury (FROI), and where to send Provider bills.

Timely filing of an employee’s work-related injury

Once an employer has been notified of a possible work-related injury, they must notify the Managed Care Organization (MCO) immediately.

In addition, employers also have certain rights under the Workers’ Compensation program. Generally, these are:

  • The right to file a Workers’ Compensation Claim for an employee in the event of a work-related injury
  • The right to seek legal council in the event of a work-related injury at their cost
  • The right to appeal/dispute in writing any medical issue related to a workers’ compensation claim. (See Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • The right to request an Independent Medical Exam (IME) of the injured worker at the employer’s cost.
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