Your work related injury is being case managed by Health Management Solutions. In addition to the information contained in the introduction letter, you have certain rights as a consumer of health care. They are as follows:

You have the right to:

  1. Have input into the case management of your plan
  2. Refuse treatment or services, including case management services and the implications of such refusal relating to benefits eligibility and/or health outcomes
  3. The use end of life and advance care directives, as applicable
  4. Obtain information regarding Health Management Solutions’ criteria for case closure
  5. Receive notification and a rationale when case management services are changed or terminated
  6. Utilize alternative approaches when you and/or your family are unable to fully participate in the assessment phase

If you have any questions regarding these rights, please do not hesitate to call you Nurse Case Manager or any other Nurse Case Manager at Health Management Solutions, toll free at 888-202-3515.