Any work-related injury can be a stressful event. Timely reporting of a work-related injury is critical so a workers compensation case manager can be assigned and help you obtain the best possible care.

If your employer has chosen Health Management Solutions as their Ohio Managed Care Organization (MCO) for work-related injuries, a workers compensation case manager will notify you immediately after receiving notice of your injury. That workers compensation case manager will walk you through the steps necessary for recovery. Your case manager will also be available to work with you, your health provider, and your employer throughout your recovery period.

There are several steps that are vital to your treatment, recovery, and appropriate return to work:

  1. Immediate reporting of the injury
  2. Selection of an appropriate Provider
  3. Continual contact with your workers’ compensation case manager
  4. Continual contact with your employer
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For questions regarding Reporting an Injury, Treatment, or Providers, please contact Health Management Solutions.
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